Nutri-Health International Unlimited Corporation introduces the latest product, which is GLUTAGEN (ADVANCED ENHANCING LOTION with SPF 45). It has advance total effects on the body that goes beyond long lasting moisturization to fight seven (7) signs of aging revealing newer and even toned skin.


Product Description

Most of the Filipino has brown skin color.  This is the reason why majority of Filipino women spend a lot of money resulting in a 10-percent increase of Enhancing Lotion  products.

Filipino women find many benefits using Enhancing  lotion each day. Moisturizing the skin will help to look and feel younger, have a softer, more elastic skin, and it will help the skin hydrated.

7 signs of Aging

  • Dark spots

GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion is suitable for all types of skin. It has been proven to aid in reducing visibility of dark spots. . It is known to use for sunburn cases. One of the main ingredients of GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion is Aloe Vera. Aloe is recognized for healing properties of the skin and also an excellent in getting rid of dark spots.

  • Sagging skin

The GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion is best when it comes to firming and tightening loose skin. It has an Aloe Vera that improves the elasticity of your skin and gets rid of sagging skin.

  • Lines & wrinkles

Applying GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion will soften your skin, leaving it smooth and supple. One of its ingredients is Papaya, which the enzymes slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by combating free radicals.

  • Open pores

GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion has a milk ingredient that help cleanses as well as seals the enlarged facial pores.

  • Dull glow-less skin

Ginseng extracts that one of the ingredients of GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion helps to increase oxygenation and encourage a healthy glow. Skin will be moist, firm-looking and exceptionally smooth with a newly refined radiance.

  • Dry skin

Apart from being uncomfortable, dry skin creates scaly lines and wrinkles that are not attractive to look at. That is why GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion that has SPF 45 prevents the damage of the skin to look and feel younger.

  • Patchy skin

Applying GLUTAGEN Enhancing  Lotion that has Vitamin E protects the skin which helps to recover the infectious skin.

With these natural ingredients of GLUTAGEN ADVANCED ENHANCING LOTION with SPF 45, we are confident that this is highly effective to make your skin feels smoother and looking younger.


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