Cliford Loregas

From a baker boy to NH Prestige Club exclusive member

When I was a little boy, I always dreamt of growing up with comfortable life. As a child, I wished to be like those children who were provided with almost everything. As I grew up, I strived to live, to survive the battle of poverty. Just like anyone else, I also wanted to have our own home.

But the world sometimes isn’t fair. My parents cannot send me anymore to school. In the society we live in, it would be very difficult to get a high-paying job if you are not a graduate of any course. I worked as a baker for 11 years. 11 long years. 11 years of struggles and starvation. Until somebody introduced me to Networking Business. Suddenly my hopes were awaken. This industry is very promising. A promise of giving anybody a great life.

How did I do it?

But numerous times I failed. But I never gave up and never will I. when I finally met Nutri-health, a God-given Company, I chant every possible prayers hoping that it will be the final journey. And this time, I am in the right track. But beginning is always the hardest. But to cope up with this challenges, I sell dozens and dozens of NH Rubs and Miracle Oils  to survive. With consistency, prayers, faith trust and hardwork, I finally provided my family a good home to live and a promising future. Being Nutri-health’s Top performer and a part of Prestige club, I can say, Nutri-health is for a father who wants to leave a legacy of giving his children a better and abundant life.