Leoncio Luay Jr.

Became a prestige club awardee after a year of hard work

I am just a simple person with a simple dream, to leave a legacy of ending the poverty that we inherited from generations to generations. Fortunately, I bumped into an industry called Networkmarketing. an industry that promised millions of dreamers an extra ordianry vehicle going to an extra ordinary journey called Success.

But like so many other dreamers, I failed many times. I tried many times and my dreams were torn into pieces several times. It came to a point that I decided to forget about the promises that I once believed to be tru, the promises that I once believed to be true,the promise of having a good future with network marketing.

How did I do it?

I tried my luck in employment, but fate steps in and bother my mind again. A voice whispered to me saying, you are not destined to be just a mediocre, you deserve more than what you have right now. I submitted an application for a job to a president of a networking company. And my feet led me to a job as an organizer of a company’s awarding of TOP EARNERS. This time, I told myself, whatever happens, whatever it takes, I will do everything to be like or more than those people who did their best to change their lives.

The process is not easy. those people who I believed to be the wings beneath my wings suddenly became some sort of, Hindrances. but how did I pursue my dreams? How did I do it? I stand firm fighting for my dreams and focused on my deepest “WHY”. And when I reached the top, I brought with me faith, prayers, consistency, preseverance and my deepest WHY.