Terms and Conditions

“To achieve a safe and healthy working environment, we hereby undertake and adopt the following set of fundamental guidelines, rules and regulations, terms, conditions and code of ethics. Memoranda which shall forthwith be issued in line with said guidelines shall serve as additional policies to achieve an efficient, effective and sound business enterprise, for the benefit of all the members of Nutri-Health International Unlimited Corporation.”



Definition of Terms:

Section I: MEMBER – is any individual who bought and continues to buy the product packages of the company, and is compensated with remunerations of Nutri-Health products and services.

Section II: INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER (IBO) – any person of legal age (18) and above sponsored by an existing member, and has completed certain requirements, as mandated by the company. An INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER is entitled to the following benefits and privileges of the company, to wit:

  • Rebates;
  • Discounts on rates;
  • Override commission; and
  • Incentives based on their personal and team sales and group sales productions; and

For all legal intents and purposes, an IBO is not the same as employment, partnership, joint venture or collaboration of business relationship.



Section I: REFUND OF REGISTRATION – Subject to the company’s verification, refund maybe allowed if and only if the sales and earnings are not duly reflected in the company’s computer system. An efficient, effective and proper encoding system is to be undertaken and adopted by the company;

Section II: RETURN AND CHANGE OF PRODUCTS – Items purchased may be returned or reimbursed if the product:

  • Proved to be lacking;
  • Has production problems or defects; and
  • Expired within 7 days from the time the product was purchased or received, which ever may come first.

Section III: PRODUCT PRICING- INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER (IBO) must strictly comply with the suggested selling price of the product;



Members shall abide by the following:

  • I shall earn my respect by respecting others. I shall treat my uplines, downlines, crosslines, associates, and partners with utmost respect;
  • I shall renounce jealousy and refrain from any negative attitudes, so that I can maintain a positive mindset in my pursuit for economic freedom and sound business enterprise;
  • I shall not make any negative or disparaging statements against Nutri-Health International Unlimited Corp., its Products, Marketing Plan, its Officers, Leaders, and Associates to our Competitors;
  • I shall beyond doubt not endorse to my co-distributors virtually any item or marketing program related to Nutri-Health International Unlimited Corp.
  • I shall not recruit nor encourage other Nutri-Health Members to join other MLM Company;
  • I shall not encourage or influence my cross-lines to open an account under my group;
  • I shall not make negative or slanderous statements about the company through social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) cellular phone, e-mail or other online related media;
  • I shall not carry out or execute any unethical or unlawful actions against the company such as, but not limited to the following:
    • Acts which could disrupt or hamper the company’s daily normal operations;
    • Acts which could destroy the company’s goodwill and reputation to its visitors, guests, business partners, investors and to the general public;
    • Acts which may lead to physical injury involving another person/distributor;
    • Acts like badmouthing, backbiting, shouting and quarreling inside the company premises;
  • I shall uphold and maintain a sense of professionalism, at all times, in dealing with my clients, and do my utmost to attain a 100% degree of satisfaction;
  • I shall help and encourage others in the spirit of cooperation and collective gain. I adhere to the principle that generosity given will always be rewarded with wealth and happiness;
  • I shall always be honest, maintain integrity, value honor and self-respect;
  • I shall treat the company and its members as family and for that reason, I shall observe and promise to do everything which will lead a unified, productive and fruitful relationship;

The company reserves the right to conduct investigation and come up with a resolution to impose proper sanctions against the individual or members for failure to abide by the preceding code of ethics.

Section I: ACCOUNT OF HUSBAND AND WIFE – the spouses are allowed to have separate tracking accounts, subject to the condition that it must be in the same line. One spouse is permitted to sponsor the other to create a different or a detached account. However, they are prohibited to start a different account like a crossline;

Section II: SELLING OF ACCOUNT – Subject to company’s guidelines, IBO’s are not allowed to sell their individual/personal account or any account under their organization that is not active;

Section III: MISREPRESENTATION – Notwithstanding usual exaggerations in trade, Distributors/IBO’s are prohibited to misrepresent or overrate Nutri-Health International Unlimited Corp. services by making false, fraudulent or deceiving claims about the products, marketing plan and services of the company. The company is not liable for any act which might arise out of the members’ misrepresentations pertaining to the company’s product and services;

Section IV: PROPER SELLING – Distributors are mandated to clearly and coherently all the aspects of the business opportunity in a good and professional manner, including the mode of payments. One must not misadvise or cheat his clients;

Section V: RE-SPONSORING – re-sponsoring other distributors/ members  are strictly prohibited as well as using fictitious names, fancy names, aliases or any other name of one of his/her family member;

Section VI: CHANGE OF SPONSOR – the Company has the right to protect and safe-guard its sponsors. A distributor is not allowed to fraudulently convince, exercise undue influence or falsely offer a transfer of line, in direct or indirect ways. Changing a sponsor will be regarded as a behavior to break the principles of honesty and faithfulness. This behavior is discouraged.

After due meeting called upon for such purpose, the company reserves the sole discretion to decide whether or not a change of sponsor is allowed;

All distributors have the right to develop other distributors. In case two distributors insist to be the sponsor a client, the company shall decide and resolve the conflict, and the parties are enjoined to respect the same;

As a guide, the distributor who conducts meaningful assistance and support, has a preferred claim to be the sponsor of a client.

Section VII: TRANSFER OF NAME – if the account holder dies or had been permanently incapacitated, his/her rights and privileges for the said account will only be transferred to the legal heirs or to a beneficiary;

Section VIII: ORAL DEFAMATION – the company discourages distributors to talk about the characters of other distributors. All distributors are expected to act accordingly and not to do or say anything that will be unfavorable, detrimental, insulting, or damaging to the interest of the company, its business, employees and distributors.

Section IX: USING COMPANY NAME AND LOGO – the company prohibits distributors from using its name and logo in doing other business not related in any manner with Nutri-Health International. The company reserves the right to impose proper penalty or sanction, and to file  legal action against the erring member.

Section X: LOANS – the company discourages sponsors and uplines who lend money to downlines or vice-versa to avoid conflicts in the event that the borrower will not pay the creditor. Otherwise, members shall assume the risk of non-payment, and possible sanctions may further be imposed for failure to observe and maintain the prevailing code of ethics as mentioned above;

Section XI: NON-SUBMISSION OF PAYMENTS – distributors shall pay directly to the office or to the designated company bank accounts assisted by their sponsors. In case the applicant handed the payment to their uplines because of trust, time constraints or the applicant is living in a remote area, the sponsor must remit the exact amount as soon as possible and shall assist the new member until the arrival of his/her products. In the event of unavoidable delays due to bad weather conditions, emergencies, accidents or other valid reasons, payment must be sent or deposited within 7 days. Any member failing to submit payment until the said deadline shall fall be a grave offense, subject to the rules and guidelines to be issued by the company;

Section XII: SPONSORING DISTRIBUTORS TO ANOTHER COMPANY – Distributors sponsoring co-distributors to other multi-level company is a grave offense and sign of disrespect. The penalty shall fall under suspension or outright termination depending on the severity and consequence of act/offense. The company reserves the right to make the proper findings and resolutions  to that effect;

Section XIII: ORGANIZING GROUP IN THE COMPANY – forming a group within the organization against the interest and without permission from Nutri-Health international Unlimited Corp. is prohibited.



Section I: SUSPENSION – is the temporary cancellation of all the benefits of the distributor or IBO’s depending on the time given by the officers or the ethics committee. The suspended distributor is no longer authorized to sell any products and services that the company offers and is temporarily disallowed to sponsor a new member/distributor. His/her account shall not be entitled to any rebates, bonus, incentives or reward that the company offers until the allotted time of the suspension is finished; the distributor shall then submit a written undertaking which shall indicate that he/she will no longer commit the same violation or infraction repeat or do other violations again.

Section II: TERMINATION – is the permanent cancellation of account on the database or computer system of the company. The terminated distributor shall be prohibited to sell any product and service that the company markets, nor to sponsor a new member/distributor. Upon the date of termination or suspension the account shall not be entitled to any rebates, bonus, incentives, or reward that the company offers. Should a distributor desire to terminate his/her account, a termination notice in formal writing should be given to his sponsor and to Nutri-Health International unlimited Corp., declaring and indicating therein the reason for such termination and its effective due date;

Section III: PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION – any act or omission that violates the terms and conditions stated above shall be considered as unethical conduct and shall be a ground for holding of all the benefits, suspension/termination depending on the severity of the offense, without prejudice to the filing of appropriate criminal or civil case against the erring individual;



Section I: TRAINING – Uplines and sponsors should be responsible to give their network organization proper training with regard to right attitude, proper presentation, and correct marketing plan presentation. The uplines and sponsors are responsible to give and furnish the updates of the existing promos, price adjustments and other activities of the company;

Sections II: SUPPORT – sponsors should encourage their group and continue reminding their down lines or recruits  to attend seminars,  trainings and forums, as well as participate in and support all sponsored activities by the company or uplines;

Section III: RELATIONSHIP – Leverage marketing is a profession. Distributors shall at all times conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner, observe respect, faithfulness and honesty. Distributors shall not engage overstatements or deceits. They shall maintain a healthy working relationship with co-distributors. Distributors are encouraged to help and inspire one another, to achieve a better life and future.